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Counties to be searched

1538 - 1650
Parish Searched Searched by Date Checked By
HadleighXMerry Lu15 Oct '05Self
PolsteadXMerry Lu15 Oct '05Self
BoxfordXMerry Lu15 Oct '05Self
EdwardstoneXMerry LuNothingSelf
MildenXMerry LuNothingSelf
Monks-EleighXMerry Lu15 Oct '05Self
KerseyXMerry Lu15 Oct '05Self
LayhamXMerry Lu15 Oct '05Self
GrotonXMerry Lu15 Oct '05Self
ShelleyXMerry Lu15 Oct '05Self
LindseyXMerry Lu19 Nov '05Self
RaydonXMerry Lu19 Nov '05Self
Holton St. MaryXMerry Lu19 Nov '05Self
HighamXMerry Lu19 Nov '05Self
Stoke-by-NaylandXMerry Lu19 Nov '05Self
Ipswich - St. ClementsXMerry Lu26 Nov '05Self
Ips - St. HelensXMerry Luto lateSelf
Ips - St. LaurenceXMerry Lu26 Nov '05Self
Ipsh - St. MatthewXMerry Lu26 Nov '05Self
Ips - St. MargaretXMerry Lu26 Nov '05Self
Ips - St. Mary @ ElmsXMerry Lu26 Nov '05Self
Ips - St. Mary @ QuayXMerry Lu26 Nov '05Self
Ips - St. Mary @ StokeXMerry Lu26 Nov '05Self
Ips - St. Mary le TowerXMerry Lu26 Nov '05Self
Ips - St. Nicholas
Ips - St. Stephens
Great Wenham
Little Wenham

Parishes Searched in Suffolk

Here is a map of the parishes and the Rawlins folk in them in the county of Suffolk.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Shelley - Marriages

Shelley Marriages 1698 – 1944

No Rawlins or variants

( to 1747 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Shelley - Burials

Shelley Burials 1698 – 1944
Shelley Burials 1557 – 1640

13 Nov 1616 – John Dawline
15 Mar 1616 – Dawline widow
5 Dec 1637 – Rawlin wife of John
5 Jan 1653 – John Rawleen
28 Oct 1743 – Rowley, Mary w. of Thomas

( to 1777 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Shelley - Baptisms

Shelley Baptisms 1689 – 1899

3 Oct 1725 – Mary Rowlin - Thomas & Mary
4 Dec 1727 – Rowley, William – Thomas & Mary
8 Apr 1733 – Rowley, Samuel – Samuel & Mary

(to 1740 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Groton - Marriages

Groton Marriages 1563 – 1812

15 Mar 1571 – Rowland, Peter & Burland, Joan
18 June 1576 – Simond Rollinge & Anna Dogott
8 June 1592 – Rauling, John […sen?] & Crabb, Joan
10 April 1599 – Rawlinge, John & Millare, Mariane
21 Apr 1602 – Hartswell, Hen & Rawlinge, Agnes
20 Jan 1609 – Barfot, Roland & Rawling, Susana
25 Apr 1621 – Butcher, William & Rawlinge Susana
22 Aug 1621 – John Miller & Rawlinge, Susana
12 May 1626 – Goswold, Daniel & Rawlinge, Elizabeth

( to 1735 searched Oct 15, 2005 no more Rawlins)

Groton - Burials

Groton Burials 1562 – 1812

30 Oct 1580 - Rawling, William son of Paul
3 Oct 1584 - Rawlings, a child born and buried Paul
3 June 1591 – Rawlinge Sara daughter of Paul and Ann
21 Jan 1607 – Rawlinge Anna
10 Feb 1621 – Rawlinge, Paul
25 Nov 1638 – Rawlen, John & his wife

( to 1717 searched Oct 15, 2005

Groton - Births

Groton Births 1562 – 1785

3 Nov 1577 – Edward son Pawle Rawling & Agnes
21 Aug 1580 – William son Paule Rawlinge & Agnes
29 Oct 1581 – Agnes daughter Paul Rawlinge & Agnes
31 Oct 1585 – Paul son Paul Rawlinge & Annes
27 Oct 1588 – Thomas son Paule Rawling & Agnes
7 Feb 1590 – Sarra daughter Paule Rauling & Agnes
7 Feb 1590 – Susann daughter Paule Rauling & Agnes
7 Oct 1592 – John son John Rawling & Jone
12 May 1594 – Dorothy daughter Paul Rauling & Agnes
27 Feb 1595 – Anna daughter John Raulinge & Jone
17 June 1598 – John son John Rauling & Joan
17 Jun 1598 – John son John Rauling & Joan
22 Nov 1601 – Rawline, Susana daughter John & Maryane
31 Jan 1602 – Rawline, Elizabeth daughter John & Joan
2 Feb 1603 – Rawling, Elizabeth daughter John & Mariane
15 Feb 1606 – Rawling, Mary daughter John

( to 1707 searched Oct 15, 2005)
Researched for Doggett and Rawlins through 1707

Layham- Birth/Marriage/Burial

Layham - Birth/Marriage/Burial

No Births 1538 – 1700
No Burials 1538 – 1700

24 Feb 1584 – James Rowle & Margaret Walker

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The only post for Rawlins in Stoke-by-Nayland was in the Burials it was recorded as:
27 Sep 1585 Rawlins, child of [blank] the begger

Higham, St. Mary - Burials

There were no burials in Higham for Rawlins or variants between 1538 - 1702.
But, there was an entry for:
8 Mar 1647 for John Reyner
30 Apr 1657 for Liddiah Reyner, daughter of the widow

One source for James Rawlins says that he took cloth from London to Mr. Reyner of York and another that he paid a rate for Mr. Rayner's provision, 1661 and 1662.

Higham, St. Mary - Marriages

1538 - 1704
Date Name Spouse
2 Feb 1636James RawlySarah Ward
4 Aug 1698Charles Cole of WattishamElizabeth Rowlen of Higham

Higham, St. Mary Baptisms

1538 - 1705
Date Name Parents
3 Dec 1543Thomas base born child ofThomas Raulin and Martha Fenner
28 June 1646Martha RaulinThomas and Martha
15 Apr 1649William RawlinsThomas and Martha

Holton St. Mary Parish

There were no Rawlins or variants in Holton between 1568 and 1737.

Interesting Raydon comments

Not much in Raydon but these transcriptions were interesting:

1636 - plague raged this year but no death in Raydon

1637 - Plague raging in Bury St. Edmunds and in Hadleigh, yet this little town, thanks to God, continued safe. There was a four-month drought; after that, in time of harvest, there was abundant rain for two whole months, whence followed a great scaricity of all things.

1638 - The baptism of the land by various rains all through this summer made seed and corn and fruit so abundant that all things were sold more cheaply than during the preceding seven years.

1650 - Oct 1 Sterne, Blanch wife of Roger, formerly wife of William Gardner, [in Latin] then happy now through her wantonness reduced to much misery without consolation, died as an example to other old women who in wantonness marry again.
(this when all other listings just mention names and dates)

1651 - Dec 22 (Aves?) George - in despair on account of poverty and seeing a demon [?=suicide]

These notes were recorded in the margins of the Raydon parish registers by the church rector, Dr. Meyer. Transcribed by Charles Partridge.

Raydon Burials

1562 - 1679

No deaths or burials listing Rawlins or variants.

Raydon Marriages

1562 - 1688

No marriages listed for Rawlins and variants

Raydon Baptisms

1562 - 1688
Date Name Parents
22 Sept 1577Henry RawlyngeHenry
15 Oct 1637Sarah RallingJames and Mary
28 Mar 1641Mary RalllingJames and Sarah
24 Nov 1643James RallingJames
6 Dec 1646Thomas RallingJames
19 Sept 1736William RawlingWilliam and Mary

Lindsey Burials

1559 - 1760
Date Name Parents
9 May 1749Margaret RowlingNo parents listed

Lindsey Marriages

1559 - 1703
Date Name Spouse
3 Dec 1644James DawlingeElizabeth Calie
11 June 1667Edward RawlanSusanna Clover

Lindsey Births

1559 - 1740
Date Name Parents
8 Jan 1575Rose RowlandPeter
27 Aug 1598Robert RawlenAnthony
27 July 1712John RawlinsJohn and Mary
9 Sept 1716Mary RawlingJohn and Mary
19 Nov 1721Edward RawlingsJohn and Margery
19 Sept 1736William RawlingWilliam and Mary

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kersey - Births/Burials/Marriages

#9 – Kersey Births 1542 – 1785
(to 1618 searched Oct 15, 2005)

#10 Kersey Burials 1541 – 1785
(to 1635 searched Oct 15, 2005)



Monks Eleigh - Burials

Burials 1557 – 1743

1638 - Mar 9 – Rawlinge Mary

Monks Eleigh - Marriages

Marriages 1557 – 1900
1571 – May 13 – Robert Mudd and Faith Pollinge
(to 1661 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Monk Eleigh - Baptisms

Monk Eleigh Baptisms 1557 – 1743

Baptism 1628 – 1743
1628 – Aug 25 – Rawlinge Margery; Parent – Stephen
1631 – Mar 9 – Rawling, Ann; Parent – Stephen
1634 – May 4 – Rawlengh, Thomas; Parent – Stephen
1638 – Sep 8 – Rawlinge, John Snape; Parents – Stephen R. and Elizabeth S. his wife
1644 – Aug 19 – Powlinge, Susan

Mildenhall - Birth/Burial/Marriage

Mildenhall Birth and Burials 1559 – 1812
(to 1635 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Mildenhall Marriage 1559 – 1782
(to 1603 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Milden - Birth/Burial/Marriages

Milden Parish Transcripts Birth 1559 – 1757
( to 1645 searched Oct 15, 2005

Burial 1559 – 1757
To 1645 searched Oct 15, 2005

Milden Marriages 1560 – 1837
to 1674 searched Oct 15, 2005


Edwardstone’s dates start at 1645, so I didn’t search here for anything.

Boxford - Marriages

Boxford Parish Marriage 1557-1753

1585 – Pratt, Rob and Bloyse, Rose
1594 – Dawlinge, John and Cole, Agnes

1599 – Rawlett, Edward and [blank] Mary

1604 – Payne, Richard and Rowlyn, Elizabeth
1636 – Rowland, Robert and Kingsbury, Margaret
1640 – Rooke, George wid. and Rawlinson, Alice

(to 1654 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Boxford - Baptism

Boxford Parish Baptism 1557 – 1640

1585 – Mar 28 – Rawlinge, John; Parents – Abraham and Jane
1587 – July 9 – Rowlands, John; – begotten in adultery
1545 – Dec 4 – Dawlinge, John; Parents – John & Agnes
1596 – Jan 16 – Dawlinge John; Parents – John & Ann
1598 – Feb 11 – Dawlinge, Anna; Parents – John & Ann

1600 – Dec 14 – Rawlin, James; Parents – Edward & Mary

2 July 1637 – Susana Rowland; Parents - Robert & Margaret

Boxford - Burials

Boxford Parish Burial 1557-1640

1557 – Oct 23 – Rawle, William son of John
1562 – Dec 9 – Rawlande, William
1595 – Jan 12 – John Dawlinge
1600 – Jan 31 – Anna Dawlinge

(to 1626 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Polstead - Birth/Burial/Marriages

Baptisms 1538-1596
26 May 1651 - Rowley, Margaret - Parents Pears
(to 1595 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Burials 1538-1601
(to 1601 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Baptism 1590-1591
(to 1591 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Burials 1601-1688
(to 1675 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Births 1696-1688
(to 1693 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Marriages 1539 - 1760
30 Jan 1557 - Rawlet and Alice Wheler
(to 1636 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Marriages 1539 -1688
(to 1637 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Hadleigh - Marriages

Hadleigh Marriages 1559 - 1754

1562 – Rowle, William & Bulton, Christian
1590 – Bromley, Thomas & Rawling, Alice
1594 – Rawlingson, Henry & Samon, Alice
1601 – Baxster, Rich. & Rawlen Rebecca
1605 – Rawling, Thomaa & Elizabeth
1613 – Rawlon, Thomas & Brownsmyth, Elizabeth
1613 - John Dowling & Dorothy Wood
1614 – Rawlen, Emanuell & Plum, Margery

( to 1623 searched Oct 15, 2005)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Been working hard

I really have been working hard, just not a lot of posts to show for it. I've been going to the library each weekend searching in the areas around Shelley and Groton to see what I can find. So far a few names have turned up. I've even found a birth of James Rawlins son of Edward and Mary. This is probably the James mentioned in the will. I just don't know how to officially link him up to my line, I guess I could if there aren't any other James Rawlins entry in the whole of England during the timeframe I'm looking for. Good luck with that right?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Edward Rawlin IGI entry

There is an IGI listing for the baptism of Edward Rawling on the 3 Nov 1577 to Paul & Agnes bapt., Groton.

This would be within the age date range, and within reason for locality, now just need to see if I can connect them up.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Suffolk Ship Money Returns

Suffolk Ship Money Returns

(94) pg 207
Roydon 8 Apr 1640
Rawlin, Edw Esq. [pounds] s. d. 7

(105) pg 211
Shelley 25 Mar 1640
Rawlyn, Edw Esq. [pounds] s. 3 d. 0

IF the link to Edward Rawlin to James is the one we're looking for, this could be the brother Edward that received the bellows and the stith [sic] in the will.

IGI for Edward Rawlin

I checked in the IGI for possible information on an Edward Rawlin who died 13 June 1635, will probated 10 July 1635 with no luck.

There was a Mary Blosse with a birth year of 23 Jan 1630 Raydon, Suffolk, England who's mother was Mary and her father was Thomas Blosse. Sounds interesting. But no link visible here. Will keep looking.

See previous post with Edward Rawlin's will (Suffolk England). This lists a granddaughter Mary Blosse who would have been 5 (by this IGI entry if it is a link up) who is a daughter to Mary and Thomas Blosse.

How close is Raydon to Shelley?

Shelley Suffolk England

Information on Shelley where Edward Rawlin (no current link) was from:

Parish: Shelley
Meaning: Leah (clearing) on slope or ledge (Ekwall)

Hundred: Samford
Deanery: Samford
Union: Samford

  • Area: 912 acres land, 4 acres water

Types of farming:
  • 1086 - 16 acres meadow, 1 mill, 1 cob, 4 cattle, 7 pigs, 23 sheep
  • 1500 - 1640 Thirsk: Sheep-corn region where sheep are main fertilizing agent, bred for fattening. Barley main cash crop. Also has similarities with wood-pastrue region with pasture, meadow, dairying and some pig-keeping.

  • 1086 - 16 recorded
  • 1327 - 26 taxpayers paid 1[pound] 17s. 3 1/2 d.
  • 1524 - 19 taxpayers paid 2[pound] 14s. 8d.
  • 1603 - not listed

  • 13th cent. Chancel
  • 14th cent. Main structure including tower
  • 15th cent. N. chapel
  • 1643 - Puritanical vandals (William Dowsing) destroyed 6 superstitious pictures and removed 2 inscriptions.


  • 1066 - Manor (as outlier of East Bergholt) of 2 caracates
  • 1086 - Manor of 2 carucates belonging to the King
  • 1272 - Robert de Tateshall held of the barony of Tibenham, Norfolk
  • 1462 - Robert Harleston owned at which time the manor was forfeited to the Crown and granted to Richard, Duke of York. However Chancery Proceedings state that John L'Estrange died seised of this manor in 1467.
  • 1485 - Linked to Hawstead, Rougham and Onehouse (Roger Drury died seised)
  • 1510 - Linked to Brantham (Edward Cornwallis)
  • 16th cent - Linked to Sproughton (Sir Philip Tilney)
  • 1627 - Thomas Kerridge owns
  • 1756 - Samuel Rush owns


  • 1227 - Grant of market and fair

Resident gentry:

  • 1611 - Thomas Tilney, Sheriff of Suffolk
  • 1647 - Thomas Kerridge, High Sheriff of Suffolk
  • 1673 - Richard Kirby, John Tilney


  • 1550 - 1599 - 1 yeoman, 4 husbandmen
  • 1600 - 1649 - 3 yeomen, 1 husbandman, 1 blacksmith
  • 1650 - 1699 - 1 yeoman, 1 spinster, 1 pail maker


  • Edmund Tilney (d. 1610), appointed master of the revels in the Royal Household (1579). Undertook the licensing of plays for public representation and publication.
  • Charles Tilney executed (1586) for his part in the Babington Conspiracy

Other Information:

  • Shelley Hall - built (1520) by Sir Philip Tilney. Listed as farmhouse (1891), said to exhibit the Tilney arms. Queen Elizabeth I entertained (1561).

Suffolk England - Edward Rawlin Will

I was getting pretty discouraged, but decided since I still had some time left that I'd browse through the books on Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Because JR Rawlins said that he'd emigrated to Ipswich, MA which was named for the Ipswich England.

In the Wills from the Archdeaconry of Suffolk: 1629 - 1636 pg 1635 Will # 923
Abstracts of wills contained in Register No 63 and/or file No. 71 of wills proved in the court of the Arch deacon of Suffolk I found:

R(W) Edward Rawlin (X) of Shelley, blacksmith 13 June 1635.
Sick in body. I give and bequeath to my son James the posted bedstead standing in the parlour. I give to my son Edward the bellows in the shop and also the stith*. I bequeath to my son Thomas all my clothes, both linen and woollen. I give to my daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Blosse, 20s. to be paid to her 3 months after my decease, and 5[pounds] to my daughter Anne to be paid at the same time. I give my grandchild Mary Blosse 10s. to buy her a bible. All the residue of my goods, my debts, legacies and funeral charges being paid, I give to my loving wife Mary whom I make sole exrx. Witnesses: Robert Goodwin, Thomas Gravener. Pr at Ipswich 10 July 1635.

R-register copy avail
W-the original is avail
X-his or her mark
* - An anvil; a stithy. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] [1913 Webster]
He invented also pincers, hammers, iron crows, and the anvil, or stith. --Holland.

That was kind of a fun find. I'll explore it further.

Family Group Worksheet

Pinchbeck Lead

Working again on the Pinchbeck lead I looked in a few more places and found a few references for Rawlins and Gaunt:

Lincolnshire Parish Register Marriages 1627:

Moulton Marriages
Johes Rawlins and Brigetta Medows - 2 June 1629

Pinchbeck Marriages - v2 pg 38, 44, 48
Nicholas Gaunt and Alicia Skote - 12 Aug 1571
Nicholas Graunt and Alic his wife - 12 May 1579
Nicholas Graunt and Margarett Ellithorpe - 29 Aug 1591

Sunday, July 17, 2005


How slothful can I get. I haven't done a thing this past week. I hope James is being patient. I have gathered a few maps of Newington, and Durham and blew them up for my office walls. They look pretty nice, and I'm amazed at how close the towns are together when they were first settled. I've been going through Alden Rollins' book and listing all of the relationships that are entered into the court records. I'll list them and see if I can get a little closer to a true list of family members.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Direct Rawlins Line

Gen 1 - James Rollins (1605?)
Gen 2 - Thomas Rollins (1641 - 1706)
Gen 3 - John Rollins (1684 - 1776)
Gen 4 - Nathaniel Rollins (1738 - bef 1783)
Gen 5 - Ichabod Rollins (1773 - 1850)
Gen 6 - Enoch Perham Rollins (1805 - 1877)
Gen 7 - Enoch (Enock) Param Rawlins (1861 - 1937)
Gen 8 - William Enoch Rawlins (1897 - 1981)
Gen 9 - Donald Blaine Rawlins (1929 - )
Gen 10 - Merry Lu Rawlins (1960 - )

Coddington Lead

In the NEHGR April 1882, there is an article about William Coddington, Resistance by him and others in Lincolnshire to the royal loan 1626-27 communicated by David King, M.D. of Newport RI.

William Coddington was the governor of Rhode Island. In 1674 he narrated some particulars of his life. Speaking of his early days in 1627 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England, he says he was one of the Lincolnshire Gentlemen who denied the Royal loan under King Charles I, this was ten years before the trial of Hampden. One of the names mentioned in this article is James Rollins.

“James Rollins of Pinchbeck (gardian for the heires of Nicholas Gaunte) refuseth to lend, or enter bond.”

Thinking that this might be a lead to our James Rollins I sought for information on Nicholas Gaunte. He was born 4 April, 1561 in Pemcheck Parish, Lincolnshire, England, he died 27 July 1571. This would have made our James a contemporary of the James mentioned by Coddington.

So I began searching the Pinchbeck records:

27 January 2005
Parish register extracts fro the parish church of Pinchbeck (Lincoln), 1560-1701
Church of England, Parish Church of Pinchbeck (Lincolnshire) (Main Author)
I couldn’t find anything on this microfilm, however, I am not very good at reading these types of records, nor is it very legible. It might bear further scrutiny.

Bishop’s transcripts, 1562-1856
Church of England, Parish Church of Pinchbeck (Lincolnshire) (Main Author)
I couldn’t find anything on this microfilm, however, I am not very good at reading these types of records, nor is it very legible. It might bear further scrutiny.

Computer printout of Pinchbeck, Lincs., Eng.
Extracted for the controlled extraction program and published by the Genealogical Dept. of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Batch nos. 03099-1, 2
Books/Monographs (On Fiche)
I couldn’t find anything here for James Rollins.

Parish register printouts of Pinchbeck, Lincoln, England; christenings, 1561-1812
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Genealogical Department (Main Author)
Nothing here either, there is a note on this however, that several years are missing.

Parish register printouts of Pinchbeck, Lincoln, England; Marriages at Pinchbeck, 1560-1812
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Genealogical Department (Main Author)

Extracted from microfilm of parish registers 504734.

Nothing here that I could see, again many years missing. However, there is a book of these extractions. I’ll look through it next time I’m in the library to see if they caught something I missed. Which is highly likely.

Book to look up next time I’m in SLC.
Marriages at Pinchbeck, 1560-1812
Church of England. Parish Church of Pinchbeck (Lincolnshire) (Main Author)

942.53. K29L v.2

Checked this out on the 10th of August and couldn't find anything here.

John R. Rollins sources

In an article that was a precursor to John R. Rollins' book (NEHGR 1853)he listed these men as his sources for information:

Hon. John Wentworth
Reverend A. H. Quint
T. B. Wyman
H. G. Somersby Esq.

My goal will be to check what these men wrote, check the dates they published and compare it to John's dates of publication. What were their sources? Quint if I remember right cited John R. in his publication but I'll make sure.

Libbie's dictionary, published after his death by Sybil Noyes, casts doubt on Thomas being James Rollins child.

Monday, June 20, 2005

James Rollins Timeline

I have created this James Rollins Timeline of every instance I have been able to find of him after coming to the United States. The main goal here is to find where he came from in England, but I haven't been able to find a single clue. Anyone out there have a suggestion?


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rollins Family Home

This is a picture of the Rollins/Rawlins family home in Paradise, Cache, Utah.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sources for Enoch Param Rollins

Conquerors of the West: Stalwart Mormon Pioneers Volume IV. Compiled by National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers, pg 2251-2252. Submitted by Lorna Belnap

History of Enoch Perham Rollins, by Wesley D. Johnson

The Deseret News, December 19, 1877, page 731.

Enoch is mentioned in Records of Families of the Names of Rawlins or Rollins in the United States- John R. Rollins, pp.123:

(265.) Enoch P.6 (Ichabod5, Nathaniel4, John3, Thomas2, James1), md. widow Sophia (Philbrick) Lambert. Mr. and Mrs. Lambert had three children: William, the oldest, a mariner; Elizabeth and Miranda. The children of Enoch P. and Sophia (Lambert) Rollins were: Mary Jane, b. about 1826; Ann S., b. 1829, and Sabra, b. 1831. Enoch, with his wife and three daughters, started for the more promising fields of the West. On reaching New York they met with Joe Smith and were induced to renounce their early Christian teaching, joined the Mormons, and went to Nauvoo. Their subsequent history is not know, except that Ann became one of the spiritual wives of Smith. The genealogy of this branch may, perhaps be as well left to some one possessed of more patience than the ordinary Gentile.

As we read above in John R. Rawlins' work Ann wasn’t married to the Prophet Joseph, nor had the family ever met him. This causes one to question the research of John R. Rollins. He quoted no sources other than sources that had previously quoted him. Yet he is considered to be the eminent Rollins historian and most all references to this family have used his writing in one place or another.

The Rollins Family in the New Hampshire Provincial Deeds 1655-1771 by Alden M. Rollins, also questions some of the research John R. Rollins did. I have tried to contact Alden but have as yet not succeeded.

Enoch Perham Rollins 1805 - 1877

Enoch Perham Rollins was born on the 13th of January 1805 in Jefferson, Maine. He was the son of Ichabod and Mary Perham Rollins. He received his early education in Jefferson. As a young man he worked in the ship yards in Bangor Maine and became an expert timber man, wheelwright and carpenter. He married his first wife, Sophia Wing Philbrook on the 29th of April 1829 in Bangor, Maine. She was a widow with three children which Enoch raised. Her children were: William Henry, Marinda Lambert, D. 1842 and Elizabeth. They had ten children together and lived in Bangor until 1837 when they moved to Sing Sing, New York. It was around this time Enoch first came in contact with the church.

Enoch was a religious man who studied the Bible. His wife and children heard the missionaries and their boy William brought some of the literature and a Book of Mormon home to his mother. His father promptly threw them into the fire. William left home because of this. Sophia had promised the missionaries that they could hold a meeting in her house. She finally persuaded Enoch that it would be wrong to break her promise to the missionaries, so he gave in. He became one of the most interested of the investigators and kept the missionaries up most of the night.

While working in the woods, he decided to pray about it. He became convinced and told others about the gospel. They determined to join the saints but a lack of money made it difficult. He was baptized on the 8th of February 1841 in Pelham, West Chester County, New York. Enoch’s obituary says that he was a professor of religion from his early youth.

They lived in Pleasantville and East Chester, New York and in 1844 we find the family in Akron, Ohio. Enoch was headed towards Nauvoo and for lack of means stopped here. It was in Akron that the family heard of the Prophet Joseph’s death. Shortly after they started again for Nauvoo and arrived there in August of 1844, six weeks after the prophet’s death. Two years later in 1846 their 10th and final child was born in Nauvoo, Illinois. While in Nauvoo Enoch was ordained a member of the Eighth Quorum of Seventies. He spent a great deal of his time working on the Temple and other public works until the winter of ’45 and ’46 when he went into the wagon shop and assisted the brethren in making and repairing wagons for the benefit of those who intended to move west in the spring. He attended faithfully to the ordinances in the temple that winter, and in the spring made himself a wagon, but having no team was compelled to stay there until driven out by the mob.

Enoch was endowed in the Nauvoo temple on the 7th of January 1846. He was sealed to Sophia on the 25th of January 1853 after they immigrated to Utah.

Enoch and his wife had been afflicted with ague (chills and fever) for most of the summer while living on the banks of the Mississippi. But, notwithstanding his weakness, when the mobs came with the aid of Brother Refus Allen he pried an old log canoe out of the sand that had been bedded down there all summer. They commenced about four o’clock in the afternoon and with the assistance of Brother Allen, who was also afflicted with chills, Brother Allen’s wife and her sister, four families were moved across the Mississippi River that night by eleven o’clock after seven hours of hard labor.

They made several trips, the women rowing like men. Two of the mobocrats had tried to get the boat loose a day or two before but had to leave it. He had no trouble in getting it loose. They were part of the “Poor Camp” which was fed by the quail. He endured much sickness and privation until the spring of 1848 when they were well enough to move to Council Bluffs. Enoch and his family came across with the first division.

In June of 1850 when their 2nd child Ann Sophia was married, the family was still in Council Bluffs, Iowa. A grand daughter, later writing about this marriage, said that Enoch was overly religious and zealous. He had forbidden his daughter from getting married after hearing slanderous rumors about the groom-to-be. The wedding, which had been planned to take place in Enoch’s home and officiated over by an Elder of the church, was instead moved across the river into another state and was performed by a Catholic priest. On the way home they were met by the bride’s younger brother, 8 year-old Orson Hyde Rollins, who told her in a commanding voice, “Ann, Father wants you to come right home.”

The new groom replied, “You go tell your father he is too late. Ann belongs to me now.”

Enoch was very angry and forbade them from ever entering his house. This caused his wife Sophia to grieve bitterly because she didn’t think he’d ever relent. But, in two months he invited them home and gave them a grand wedding reception.

In September 1852 Enoch immigrated to the Salt Lake valley with his family. He was one of the last to leave the Bluffs that season, being counseled by Brother Benson to stay and fit up wagons for the journey as long as he possibly could. He arrived in Salt Lake City the 28th of October.

His oldest child Mary Jane remained in St Louis with her two children. She didn’t maintain contact with the family after they moved west. Her father, Enoch, had Mary Jane’s temple work done in the endowment house and she had been baptized on the 8th of February 1841 and received her Patriarchal blessing in the City of Joseph in 1845 by William Smith, so we know that she had at one time been active in the gospel.

In the fall of 1853 Enoch bought a city lot on Brigham Street, Salt Lake City, Utah with his son-in-law. They lived in the 11th Ward. While they were building a log house, Enoch’s granddaughter, Sabra Jane was born in the crude bedroom, a covered wagon box that the family was living in. It was quite cold, with no place to make a fire except on the ground, and to make it even more desolate the snow was falling fast. Nine of Enoch’s children, a son-in-law, and his spouse lived in this cramped space.

After the problems with Johnson’s Army, the family moved to Paradise in Cache County where Enoch engaged in farming and raising stock.

On December 12, 1859 Enoch took Sarah Jane Walters as his second wife. Sarah had one child by a previous marriage, Walter John Willis. They were married in the 7th Ward building in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Endowment House records show that they were sealed to each other on the 4th of November 1856 (there seems to be some discrepancy here). They had five children, all of whom were born in Paradise, Utah. This is where his son Enoch Perham was born, on the 17th of January in 1861.

Enoch’s wife Sarah Jane was the daughter of John Walters and Mary Ann Fender. She was born in Swansea, Wales on the 23rd of December 1830. She had two sisters, Elizabeth Ann and Mary Adelaide. Her mother Mary Ann died before 1835 when Sarah Jane was a young girl. Her father then married Esther Callfield who was also from Swansea, Wales. She gave birth to a daughter, Jane, on the 6th of September 1856. Esther was killed in a buffalo stampede on October 7, 1856 near Fort Laramie, Wyoming, and the baby died and was buried a month later near Independence Rock. The family crossed the Atlantic on the ship Samuel Curling. Sarah Jane and her sister Elizabeth Ann joined the Edward Bunker Handcart Company for their trek across the plains. Her father, step-mother and younger sister Mary Adelaide, age 6, traveled in Captain Hunt’s company. They arrived in Salt Lake City on the 2nd of October 1856, not quite six months after leaving England on April 19, 1856.

In the 1870 census Enoch, at the age of 65, had a household of eight, and a real wealth of $250. His wife Sarah, age 39, was listed as keeping house. They listed James 12, (I don’t have this child as being either Sophia’s or Sarah Jane’s) Enoch, 4, Joseph 7, Freeman 4, David 3, and Alma, 1½ who was born in May. (These ages differ from the family group sheets submitted by Enoch). His profession was listed as being a Farmer. Enoch served as a Seventy in the church in the Paradise Ward, and was always ready to accept any church calling. He served the Lord and his fellowman all his life. He was of medium height and size, and walked very erect. His hair was naturally wavy and was very neat in his appearance.

A third wife, Mary Jensen is mentioned, but seems to have had no children.

Enoch’s obituary in the Deseret News December 19, 1877 page 731, says that “he has been ever ready to respond to every call made of him by those that were placed in authority over him in the priesthood. He never murmured or complained, and through his sickness, which lasted eight months, his only desire was to live to go into the temple and finish up a little of the work that he had already commenced for his friends that had passed behind the veil, of which he had several hundreds of names.”

Enoch died in Annabella, Utah on the 9th of November 1877 of consumption. He was in the 73rd year of his life. Enoch was buried in Glenwood, Utah. He died, as he had lived, a faithful Latter-day Saint, and in hopes of a glorious resurrection.

Enoch Param Rollins/Rawlins 1861-1937

Enoch Param Rollins, son of Enoch Perham Rollins and Sarah Jane Walters, was born on the 17th of January 1861 in Paradise, Utah. He has the distinction of being the first baby to be born in Paradise. When Enoch was 29 he married 20 year-old Elizabeth Orgill on the 24th of April 1890 in Logan, Utah. They had 12 children, one of which was Grandpa Bill. He died on the 16th of July 1937 in Paradise, and was buried on the 19th of July in the Paradise cemetery.

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