Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Edward Rawlin IGI entry

There is an IGI listing for the baptism of Edward Rawling on the 3 Nov 1577 to Paul & Agnes bapt., Groton.

This would be within the age date range, and within reason for locality, now just need to see if I can connect them up.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Suffolk Ship Money Returns

Suffolk Ship Money Returns

(94) pg 207
Roydon 8 Apr 1640
Rawlin, Edw Esq. [pounds] s. d. 7

(105) pg 211
Shelley 25 Mar 1640
Rawlyn, Edw Esq. [pounds] s. 3 d. 0

IF the link to Edward Rawlin to James is the one we're looking for, this could be the brother Edward that received the bellows and the stith [sic] in the will.

IGI for Edward Rawlin

I checked in the IGI for possible information on an Edward Rawlin who died 13 June 1635, will probated 10 July 1635 with no luck.

There was a Mary Blosse with a birth year of 23 Jan 1630 Raydon, Suffolk, England who's mother was Mary and her father was Thomas Blosse. Sounds interesting. But no link visible here. Will keep looking.

See previous post with Edward Rawlin's will (Suffolk England). This lists a granddaughter Mary Blosse who would have been 5 (by this IGI entry if it is a link up) who is a daughter to Mary and Thomas Blosse.

How close is Raydon to Shelley?

Shelley Suffolk England

Information on Shelley where Edward Rawlin (no current link) was from:

Parish: Shelley
Meaning: Leah (clearing) on slope or ledge (Ekwall)

Hundred: Samford
Deanery: Samford
Union: Samford

  • Area: 912 acres land, 4 acres water

Types of farming:
  • 1086 - 16 acres meadow, 1 mill, 1 cob, 4 cattle, 7 pigs, 23 sheep
  • 1500 - 1640 Thirsk: Sheep-corn region where sheep are main fertilizing agent, bred for fattening. Barley main cash crop. Also has similarities with wood-pastrue region with pasture, meadow, dairying and some pig-keeping.

  • 1086 - 16 recorded
  • 1327 - 26 taxpayers paid 1[pound] 17s. 3 1/2 d.
  • 1524 - 19 taxpayers paid 2[pound] 14s. 8d.
  • 1603 - not listed

  • 13th cent. Chancel
  • 14th cent. Main structure including tower
  • 15th cent. N. chapel
  • 1643 - Puritanical vandals (William Dowsing) destroyed 6 superstitious pictures and removed 2 inscriptions.


  • 1066 - Manor (as outlier of East Bergholt) of 2 caracates
  • 1086 - Manor of 2 carucates belonging to the King
  • 1272 - Robert de Tateshall held of the barony of Tibenham, Norfolk
  • 1462 - Robert Harleston owned at which time the manor was forfeited to the Crown and granted to Richard, Duke of York. However Chancery Proceedings state that John L'Estrange died seised of this manor in 1467.
  • 1485 - Linked to Hawstead, Rougham and Onehouse (Roger Drury died seised)
  • 1510 - Linked to Brantham (Edward Cornwallis)
  • 16th cent - Linked to Sproughton (Sir Philip Tilney)
  • 1627 - Thomas Kerridge owns
  • 1756 - Samuel Rush owns


  • 1227 - Grant of market and fair

Resident gentry:

  • 1611 - Thomas Tilney, Sheriff of Suffolk
  • 1647 - Thomas Kerridge, High Sheriff of Suffolk
  • 1673 - Richard Kirby, John Tilney


  • 1550 - 1599 - 1 yeoman, 4 husbandmen
  • 1600 - 1649 - 3 yeomen, 1 husbandman, 1 blacksmith
  • 1650 - 1699 - 1 yeoman, 1 spinster, 1 pail maker


  • Edmund Tilney (d. 1610), appointed master of the revels in the Royal Household (1579). Undertook the licensing of plays for public representation and publication.
  • Charles Tilney executed (1586) for his part in the Babington Conspiracy

Other Information:

  • Shelley Hall - built (1520) by Sir Philip Tilney. Listed as farmhouse (1891), said to exhibit the Tilney arms. Queen Elizabeth I entertained (1561).

Suffolk England - Edward Rawlin Will

I was getting pretty discouraged, but decided since I still had some time left that I'd browse through the books on Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Because JR Rawlins said that he'd emigrated to Ipswich, MA which was named for the Ipswich England.

In the Wills from the Archdeaconry of Suffolk: 1629 - 1636 pg 1635 Will # 923
Abstracts of wills contained in Register No 63 and/or file No. 71 of wills proved in the court of the Arch deacon of Suffolk I found:

R(W) Edward Rawlin (X) of Shelley, blacksmith 13 June 1635.
Sick in body. I give and bequeath to my son James the posted bedstead standing in the parlour. I give to my son Edward the bellows in the shop and also the stith*. I bequeath to my son Thomas all my clothes, both linen and woollen. I give to my daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Blosse, 20s. to be paid to her 3 months after my decease, and 5[pounds] to my daughter Anne to be paid at the same time. I give my grandchild Mary Blosse 10s. to buy her a bible. All the residue of my goods, my debts, legacies and funeral charges being paid, I give to my loving wife Mary whom I make sole exrx. Witnesses: Robert Goodwin, Thomas Gravener. Pr at Ipswich 10 July 1635.

R-register copy avail
W-the original is avail
X-his or her mark
* - An anvil; a stithy. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] [1913 Webster]
He invented also pincers, hammers, iron crows, and the anvil, or stith. --Holland.

That was kind of a fun find. I'll explore it further.

Family Group Worksheet

Pinchbeck Lead

Working again on the Pinchbeck lead I looked in a few more places and found a few references for Rawlins and Gaunt:

Lincolnshire Parish Register Marriages 1627:

Moulton Marriages
Johes Rawlins and Brigetta Medows - 2 June 1629

Pinchbeck Marriages - v2 pg 38, 44, 48
Nicholas Gaunt and Alicia Skote - 12 Aug 1571
Nicholas Graunt and Alic his wife - 12 May 1579
Nicholas Graunt and Margarett Ellithorpe - 29 Aug 1591